Terms and Conditions

As a premium Reelplay dealer we purchase units in bulk from the wholesaler, so we can pass on the savings to you. Buying from Another World Computer Centre works out cheaper due to lower credit card surcharges. eg. Reelplay charges a 3% credit card surcharge and ours is only 1.9% for credit card or 2.75% for PayPal. Now with Free Delivery on Reelplay boxes with a Subscription!

Prices, subscription and renewal terms are subject to change without notice.

Does not include internet or data usage costs. Uses your existing internet service.

If you are experiencing any problems with your ReelPlay device, such as updating configurations, registration errors or anything else, please consult the ReelPlay Support page for a list of common faults and remedies.

Charges for Support

  • As we are strictly resellers of the products and do not own the systems, charges may apply for support.
  • A call out fee of $75.00 will apply for any technical issues that arise after a period of 1month from the date of installation.
  • Any technical issues that are not directly the result of installation or equipment failure, will be subject to a call out fee of $75.00.

Refund Policy

  • Refund on equipment only, must be applied within 1 month from date of purchase.
  • A service fee of $100 will be withheld to cover costs.


Streamplay are not responsible for the content and do not guarantee nor claim any rights to the content. Reelplay devices provide streams of all the channels as they are available on the internet. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Reelplay receivers contain several links to third-party streaming providers that are “bookmarked” inside Reelplay device browser on the LIVE TV section. Reelplay provides these links as a convenience and does not endorse the companies or contents of any such links. Reelplay have no control over, is not responsible for, and makes no representation or warranty and disclaims all liability with respect to any such streaming. When purchasing a Reelplay device or subscription renewal you are purchasing a subscription with Reelplay to provide the service. Streamplay is not responsible for the ongoing service or ability of Reelplay to provide the service in the future. Streamplay is merely a reseller of the the Reelplay device. © 2009 – 2019 All Rights Reserved.