Frequently asked question about Streamplay-TV

What is iptv?

The abbreviation IPTV stands for Internet Protocol Television.
With an IPTV box you can use the internet to stream live TV programming onto your TV without a dish or computer. Simply connect your Reelplay Box to your home internet via wired or wireless connection and to your TV. Then just relax and enjoy your favourite channels with uninterrupted streaming.

What is the difference between Satellite TV and Reelplay TV?

Satellite programming requires the customer to install a dish outdoor, offers limited number of channels and has high monthly service fee. Reelplay does not require a dish. All that’s required is an internet connection to stream Live Channels to your TV. Reelplay offers hundreds of channels and costs much less.

What makes Reelplay so Good?

Reelplay pioneered streaming for the TV, and we aspire to power every TV in the world. Reelplay developed a streaming platform that delivers a best-in-class user experience with no buffering or Freezing. The Reelplay Team are always adding new and exciting features to the platform. And all Software updates are free.

Is there a subscription fee for using Reelplay?

The purchase price includes 6 months of  FREE viewing.

What is included in the Reelplay Package?

Reelplay Media Player, Full Size Remote Control, HDMI, AV and Ethernet Cables, Power Adaptor and Quick Setup Guide

Reeltime - Reelplay time shift

Reeltime is Reelplay Timeshift Feature.
With Reeltime you are able to rewind any channel back up to 1 full week without using any storage device. You can also Pause the Channel. Active on Italian and Greek and Arabic Packages.
To Start: Watch any Live Channel and press and hold left arrow and you can see the timebar.
Left and Right Arrow Keys control time. Up and Down Arrow Key will select time or day.
Ok Button is Pause/Play.

We are very excited about this new feature.
This is a World First!!!
Developed by The Reelplay Team


Another World First by Reelplay.
Reeltime ACTIVE – NOW AVAILABLE on Greek and Italian Packages.
Reeltime is an Active Electronic Program Guide.

  1. On the Channel Icon Page you will see the next 5 upcoming programs.
  2. When on the channel icon page press EPG button on the Remote Control to see the Electronic Program Guide.
  3. Select any program from the Electronic Program Guide within the last 7 days to watch instantly.

How do I change the Time Zone on Reelplay

You can set the time on Reelplay to your desired Time Zone.
This can be done from the settings Menu.
Select your Timezone from the list and press OK
Once you Change the Time Zone you will need to restart or reboot your Reelplay. Once Reelplay Restarts the new Time Zone is Set.
For Italy choose any GMT+2 from the list.

Are the channels always available?

Channels on Reelplay may be removed or replaced at any time without notice. At Reelplay we will do our best to always keep the most watchable channels available. As new channels become Available Reelplay may add these channels.

Software Updates! Why do I get them?

The Reelplay Team are always adding new Features to the Reelplay Platform.
When a new Feature is ready The Reelplay Team will push a software update to your Reelplay Box.
You will receive a message on your Reelplay Box when an update is available.
All Software Updates are Free! Please make sure you keep your Reelplay updated with the latest software.

How do I get the best signal from my remote?

Keep the Reelplay receiver in line with the remote for good reception of the remote signal.

Why is my box Disabled?

All Reelplay Devices need to be Registered within 14 Days of Activation.
Please goto http://reelplay.tv/warranty-registration.html and fill in the warranty Registration Form.

How do I Reboot my Reelplay Box?

Press the power button on your remote then choose “RESTART” or “POWER OFF” then “POWER ON” your box.

How can I contact Reelplay?

Authorised Dealer Contact: SAM THE TV MAN – 0416 172 361

Do I need to install a satellite dish?

You Dont need a Satellite Dish to use Reelplay.
Reelplay is an IPTV receiver which means (Internet Protocol Television), it uses internet technology to stream the channels to your TV without a satellite dish

Is it easy to connect Reelplay to my TV and how do I do it?

Reelplay is so easy to install.
All you have to do is to connect your Reelplay HD-110 IPTV Box to the internet using the Ethernet cable or wifi, connect it to your tv using HDMI cable or the RCA cable and plug in the power.
All cables are included in the box.
Once it is connected to you internet and turned ON, you can proceed to activate by scratching the panel on the Plastic Activation Card and your account gets automatically activated and your Subscription starts from that date.
You will then need to Register your Reelplay Device at http://reelplay.tv/warranty-registration.html Within 14 Days.

Is Reelplay HD-110 IPTV Box Wireless?

Yes Reelplay HD-110 IPTV Box supports Wifi. Reelplay Media players have Wireless: 802.11 a/b/g/n, 2.4 GHz/5 GHz

What internet speed do I need?

To use Reelplay you will need 2 Mbps internet speed or higher.

What's the internet data usage when watching on Reelplay?

Based on average client watching 8 hours per day, Reelplay will use approx 100GB monthly.

We do recommend you have a minimum data plan of 200GB per month.

If I purchase Reelpay today How long will it take to deliver?

Once you have completed your online order on our website, you will receive your Reelplay box within 3-5 business days. Once the order is shipped out you will get an email with the DHL tracking number.

Does Reelplay record?

Yes, Reelplay Hd-110 can record if you plug a USB stick in.
You can also create multiple recording schedules so you can record your shows when you are away from home. And you can record two channels and watch a third channel simultaneously.
Please Note: You must use a good quality USB thumb Drive with fast Read/Write Speed.
USB HDD’s do not work with Reelplay. To record select the recording icon on home page,
Select New Recording, Select the desired channel that you want to record,
Press OK button to select start time and end time.
Maximum recording time is 3 hours per schedule.

What is the warranty on the Reelplay Box?

The Reelplay Hd-110 Box comes with a one year hardware warranty.
If you have problems contact us so we can help you to diagnose the problem and fix it.

What happens when my Reelplay subscription expires and How does the renewal work?

Once it comes time to renew, you can buy a renewal from the Reelplay website or an Approved Reelplay Reseller. You will receive a new activation code.
By entering the code in your Reelplay activation menu your account automatically will be Renewed.